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Consistent Product and Master Data
is one of the most important pillars of your Omnichannel & Ecommerce strategy


From knowledge to insight, from insight to selection, implementation and optimization of the conversion rate

The range of Product Information and Master Data Management solutions is very diverse. Both established and new players offer solutions within different service models. This makes the selection process complicated. A good match that gives you a return on investment, starts with a sober analysis of your existing processes around the management and distribution of product data and your E-business/omnichannel strategy.
Analysis and advice
Extensive generalist systems, smaller specialist systems. You will find them described in the supplier list. This facilitates the pre-selection. In addition, we provide support with expert analysis and independent advice.
Inventory and implementation
We offer the required tools and knowledge for a quick inventory of requirements and professional implementation support after the selection of the best fitting PIMM solution.
PIM solutions

Expert scan of customer-specific wishes and system requirements as the basis for independent advice. Insight into systems, functionalities and purchase and management costs.

(Pre) selection

Non-binding longlist of PIMM solutions that best match your criteria. Including cost estimates and step-by-step plan. Pragmatic support with final selection.

Implementation support

Final analysis of selected solutions, price comparisons and support in contract negotiations. Expert guidance during the implementation process.

Complete, validated, and SEO-proof product content guarantees you

more customers and turnover

Optimizing product content begins with an optimal understanding of the PIMM system offering.

The most relevant question is not which PIMM system is better than the other. The only question that is relevant is: which PIMM solution best suits my business and makes my (E)commerce processes future-proof?
What are your priorities? Streamlining processes? Quality improvement? Optimizing your findability based on SEO-proof product data? Maximum connectivity with suppliers, resellers and platforms? Each PIMM system offers its own qualities and functionalities and places its own emphasis. Making the right choice starts with optimum insight into what is on offer. That is exactly what we offer you.
Target: Optimizing Product Information
Medium: a central Product Information and Master Data Management system -> PIMM
Product content - images, descriptions, specifications, videos, tutorials, reviews, and so on - is the backbone of your Omnichannel/Ecommerce business. PIMM makes information flows manageable and ensures consistent, dynamic information across all the channels you use - online and physical. B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C, the selection and application of a PIMM solution is your first priority. Let us advise you.

Independent information on all PIM & MDM solutions

How do we make money?

All suppliers on PIMM.solutions turn into free stated. In order to continue research and maintenance, we ask suppliers for an annual fee for additional content options such as adding their own presentations and showcases.

In all overviews we list both paying and non-paying suppliers, so you can always make a complete and independent comparison.

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