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Perfion PIM

“Perfion PIM is one of the world's most appreciated PIM solutions. The system offers numerous possibilities for both Product Marketers and Sales employees. The PIMM system has a high degree of configurability and allows users to manage complex product structures and relationships. In addition, the solution offers possibilities for translation and workflow management ”


“InRiver is experiencing an advance in the PIM world. The solution is characterized by simplicity and overview. The PIM system was developed mainly from Product Marketing and helps marketers and brand owners with an unambiguous brand image. The system is modular in design and has a rich set of features including multilingualism, marketing planning, extended rights and roles and workflow management. ”

Salsify PIM

“Salsify is a relatively new solution that has elevated PIM to PXM, Product Experience Management. The rich set of features is supplemented with extensive possibilities to sell assortments on Marketplaces and with smart tools to influence the “buy box”. In addition, Salsify is a Social selling hub for sales on Instagram and other future social channels.


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