Advizia is a recent PIM solution, launched by the MSC software organization of California in 2012. The company took the position as an organization in 1963 to innovate the element analysis technology in the USA. Now it is growing as a leading software house with expertise in CAE applications, PIM solutions, and simulated engineering enterprise. They have 14000+ working employees and a branching system in 20 countries of the globe. Advizia is one of the PIM innovations by the company to manage product cataloging inefficient way. Furthermore, its functionalities include as:

  • It processes the cataloging of products and their images on basis of similarities.
  • Helps to engage the customers with dealers and retailers in terms of high growth and profitability of the business.
  • Deliver the reviews of products and enables the chat option with advisors and marketers about the product's features.
  • The Advizia facilitates the small to medium businesses to hit the touchpoints of customers.

Hence, Advizia, being a SaaS-based PIM solution, helps to sort out the problems about the management of product information. So, various e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and brands require the solution for web-based cataloging.