Catapult Manage

Catapult manage software house is a leading technological place. Where new ideas about power industry communication DNP3 and SCADA HMI industries. The company first came up in 1996 with solutions for industries and manufacturing points in New Zealand. and, later on, introduced their extension system in more than 40 countries. The company introduced their major software solution, called Catapult Manage. That helps in the organic growth of electrical, mechanical, and marketing industries with new managing tools.

Other features of software include;

  • Data of industrial and marketing sites are supported by the software in terms of originality.  And customization in the proper listing.
  • The distinguishing feature of the software is its management of the data of electrical and engineering websites with unique styling templates.
  • The solution offers the proper optimization of the data about technological devices.  To make their availability easy and convenient.
  • Engages the workers and employees for processing of remote devices, whose instructions are managed by Catapult manage software.

Hence, Catapult Manage proves beneficial in terms of automated customization of data about the equipment and processing methods at industrial and manufacturing points.