Henk Koops and Ria Stroes formed Compano in 1998. They had a lot of practice developing applications for several industries, including the strategic role. The first hires, who’d already proved their value with the old company, quickly made the group.

The business started learning about developing online software in 2001. Compano started working on the GA-Online project for KPD Hoogeveen. After that, the GA program was updated as browser-based software.

  • Moreover, In the EU markets, Compano PIM is the sole source for all product data. It’s also where our website’s product data and attachments come from. This gives our clients, installers, and business entities quick access to specific product details and if they need it.
  • Furthermore, data management is organized with the Compano Following that, Bosch Nefit established requirements and processes for an effective way of importing, developing, and posting data across multiple data pools.

Overall, Many customers benefit from Compano’s Product Information Management (PIM) framework, which helps them handle their product business in a meaningful and identifiable manner. Right data means that systems operate more efficiently and effectively. So good data is critical to the smooth operation of the company.