Crystallize is a product knowledge management and rich content management system rolled into one. With stock, sell both digital and physical goods. Any communication or currency may be used to sell. The ideal platform for headless eCommerce success with a sophisticated system. This is the tool for true Internet mastery.

Crystallize was founded by Bård and Aleksander Farstad in 2017.

  • Moreover, designing and engineering the best headless eCommerce service for growing a business online using Internet craftsmanship and follow the same principles of internet craftsmanship in every aspect.
  • However, for forward-thinking brands and creative agencies, the software provides a headless eCommerce service. PIM (product information management) and RCM (rich content management) rolled into one.
  • In any language, sell digital and physical goods. For eCommerce in any channel, a fast GraphQL API is available.
  • Therefore, the most flexible way to develop a company is by repeat business. To keep those recurring sales increasing, experiment with recurring offers. Modern business models are built based on subscription commerce.

Overall, crystallize is a GraphQL-based API that is intended for worldwide distribution. By the use of software for eCommerce that is lightning fast. All customer’s webshops, blogs, and apps will be powered by a low-latency API.