PIMworks is designed by Francisco Perez-Lozano Ruter, who is the President of the company. While Bill Sintiris is the CEO of the company. The company was founded in 1993 in Western Europe. 

PIMworks is web-based, easy software quality control and actual costs solutions with customized PIM assignments and schedules.

It is used to assist the consumers in maintaining one or a thousand hotels properly. By operating more effectively and cutting expenses, it helps hoteliers have a better customer experience. 

Moreover, it is based on airline-grade engineering with a Super Availability Architecture framework that is intelligent and robust. The app for the Hotel Central Reservations System is a Platform and has fast response times.

Furthermore, the pricing and yield management can be managed at a central level for a centralized sales plan through its Connected Revenue Management.

PMS and RMS, allow the customers to prevent expensive implementations while still streamlining the techniques.

Overall, PIMworks CRS employs a flexible, portion framework that allows customers to add and remove components from existing ecosystems. The framework was designed to allow flexible plug-in software where it’s required. As results in a simple workflow that doesn’t force the consumers to uproot systems to make minor improvements. Our API-first approach alleviates the pain of expensive migrations and simplifies the process.