Ice shop is an organization of e-commerce specialists who modify their expertise to design efficient solutions. Initially started its journey as internet commerce engineers by 1998 in the Netherlands. And now serving in multiple fields of e-commerce business maintenance and growth by introducing numerous software solutions for it. Ice PIM is an innovative strategy solution for the management of product data on various digital marketing sites. The software is a cloud, SaaS, and web-based solution which assists in the collaboration of various channel partners for product content management. Other features of software include;

  • Manage a large volume of content about brand products of web-shops and arrange it in specialized catalogs. These catalogs provide easy access to universal content for multiple channels.
  • Filtration and creation of self-designed catalogs for delivery of the product information become easy through the Ice PIM solution.
  • Automatic product listing and categorization is distinguishing feature of the solution, designed by Ice shop.
  • It arranges the features, descriptions, reviews, media sources, and pricing packages in digital sheets with automated correction.

Thus, IcePIM serves as an online product manager for woo-commerce, Shopify, and eBay platforms of e-commerce. The solution has served more than 150 top brands in designing their web-shops.