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Product Information and Master Data Management

form the technological basis of your
Omnichannel & Ecommerce strategy


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The online consumer is critical and fickle. Everything must be right. Even the product information offered. In every sales environment. How do you meet this requirement? Discover how a PIMM - Product Information and Master Data Management - system helps optimize the customer journey and your Ecommerce processes. From information to selection and implementation - we clarify the offer.
PIM solutions

Optimal, international, consistent, SEO-proof product information is the engine of Ecommerce. With a PIMM system, product mutations, range changes and data traffic remain manageable.

Why now?

Fierce competition, rapid product changes, use of more and more digital and physical sales channels. Growth and differentiation underline the urgency of PIMM.

Why PIMM.solutions?

With more than 150 different PIMM solutions, the offer is enormous. Invest in PIMM software that connects to your business and systems. We will show you the way. Deskundent and independent.

PIMM : Product Information and Master Data Management
By integrating a PIMM solution into your existing Omnichannel & Ecommerce infrastructure, you will centralize processes around product information and create uniform product data sheets.
PIMM is an absolute must if you:
- have a wide product range;
- before your product information depends on multiple manufacturers;
- deliver product data feeds to multiple customers and platforms;
- have to process many mutations and want to automate SEO;
- use product data in different languages;
- sells products with detailed specifications.
Application of a future proof PIMM system is relevant for retailers as well as wholesalers and brand manufacturers. But how do you choose the right system? We guide you through the offer. By comparing systems and putting your wishes first.

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How do we make money?

All suppliers on PIMM.solutions turn into free mention. For research and maintenance we ask suppliers for a voluntary contribution for additional content options. In all overviews we mention both paying and non-paying suppliers, so that you can always make an independent 100% comparison.

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