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The ultimate mix of expertise in Ecommerce,
IT, and the total range of PIMM solutions


Demonstrable Ecommerce and IT expertise, independent analysis and assessment, knowledge of implementation practice

We are an independent information community with a clear mission: No more wrong system choices by providing insight into the huge range of Product Information and Master Data Management systems.
With an up-to-date product overview, we show IT and Marketing Managers and Ecommerce entrepreneurs the way and contribute to more knowledge about possible solutions. The objective basis for compiling a package of wishes and requirements. Where necessary, we also offer support in making a final selection and implementation.

We bundle expertise in Ecommerce, Ecommerce related IT solutions and Marketing Automation. Our community has knowledge at both a strategic and executive level.


Our community knows the offer. This knowledge guarantees an expert and independent analysis, based on specific, operational Ecommerce processes.


As a knowledge and product information community, we offer insight and overview. Opinions from our community are not tied to suppliers and are only focused on functionality and practicality.

We link practical knowledge, product knowledge and independent judgment to your Ecommerce and IT practice
From our active involvement in many consultancy and implementation projects in the field of IT, Ecommerce and Marking Automation innovations, we see the demand for knowledge about Product Information and Master Data Management systems increasing rapidly.
The selection of the right system, as well as its purchase and implementation, is a complex process. We provide knowledge and answer questions. Our goal is to help you select and implement a PIMM solution that seamlessly connects with your wishes and needs and with the existing systems within your total IT infrastructure. We will show you which PIMM system will add measurable value to your business.

Accurate product information increases the quality of the customer experience. The right PIMM solution optimizes processes and content. Result:

more sales and profitability.

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