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A PIM (M) system is the management system for complex product information flows


PIMM is the cornerstone of your (E)commerce success

For your (potential) customers, the quality of your product presentations determines the purchase decision. At every stage of the sales funnel. Images, videos, descriptions, reviews, the price, every detail contributes to the quality of the customer experience. The information flows that form the basis for this are closely related. In a PIMM system, all incoming and outgoing flows come together.
Grip on product information
The more suppliers, products and sales channels - online and physical - the more important the application of a PIMM system becomes. The PIMM Solution is indispensable to keep processes manageable, to optimize your findability and to retain your customers with consistent product data.
Efficiency in data management processes
PIMM software manages and synchronises complex information flows. This enables you to achieve significant efficiency gains in your processes of compiling, updating and distributing product information. The more products, customers, channels, target groups and countries that are part of your Omnichannel & Ecommerce business, the greater the efficiency benefits.
PIM solutions
Better conversion rate

Consumers appreciate accurate, unambiguous product information across all sales channels. PIMM systems contribute to a better conversion ratio. Increase rates are as high as 50%!

Profit: more turnover, better customer loyalty

Fewer returns

Are the return costs the Achilles tendon of the Ecommerce business? The quality of your product information helps to reduce the percentage of returns.

Profit: less costs due to returns

More efficiency, better connectivity

Through smart automation of product information management, you can make huge efficiency leaps. With PIMM you also optimise the exchangeability of product data with resellers.

Profit: more time for strategy and marketing

PIMM software has been developed and built to optimally organize and control your digital product information processes.
A PIMM system provides you with a central, optimally accessible product database. This distributes up-to-date information to all channels that you use within your omnichannel strategy: webshops, resellers, marketplaces, apps, till systems, kiosks, digital catalogues, etc. Furthermore, PIM offers the possibility to create (complex) relationships between products.
From your PIMM solution, digital product information is easily distributed to internal systems such as your ERP, PLM, CRM, CDP or BI. You ensure complete control over your product content.
You can use a PIMM solution to generate product information from existing data pools and synchronise the supply of data by suppliers. Changes entered by manufacturers/suppliers are processed automatically - permanently and accurately. With the right PIMM system, tailored and integrated into your systems and business processes, you will have complete control over all product content.

Check about product content?
See for yourself how the right PIMM system can strengthen your Omnichannel & Ecommerce strategy.

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